Terrorists-The Most Evil of Foes on the Face of the Earth The Dogs of the Hell Fire

The Most Evil of Foes on the Face of the Earth
The Dogs of the Hell Fire[1] – 1

The Khawaarij Murder ‘Alee (رضي الله عنه)

At Tabaraanee narrated in his book ‘At Taareekh” [3/156] on the authority of Ismaa’eel ibn Raashid that he said:

“From the accounts of Ibn Muljim and his companions from the Khawaarij, is that he, Al Baraak ibn ‘Abdillaah and ‘Amru ibn Bakr At Tameemee – and they are from the heads of the Khawaarij – gathered to discuss the affairs of the people. They criticized the leaders and then mentioned the Khawaarij of Nahrawaan[2], sent blessings upon them and said:

“What are we to do after they have died, they were our brothers, those who used to call the people to worship their Lord and never used to fear the blame of the blamers in [the religion] of Allaah. We should give up our lives and approach the Imaams of misguidance and attempt to murder them in order to free the lands from them and take revenge for our brothers.”

Likewise are the secret gatherings of the Khawaarij.

“Ibn Muljim said: “I shall relieve you of ‘Alee ibn Abee Taalib!” He was from the people of Misr (Eygpt).”

Al Baraak ibn ‘Abdillaah said:

“I shall relieve you of Mu’aawiyah ibn Abee Sufyaan!”

‘Amr ibn Al Bakr said:

“I shall relieve you of ‘Amr ibn Al ‘Aass!”

They then took pledges in the name of Allaah that none of them would forsake his target until he either kills him or dies trying. They took their swords and coated them with poison, prepared themselves and took pledges on the seventeenth day of Ramadaan.”

Likewise are the secret gatherings of the Khawaarij, they organize the murdering of Muslims.

“As far as Ibn Muljim Al Maraadee, he traveled and met up with his friends in Al Koofah and kept his intentions secret so that they do not learn about his mission. There he met an extremely beautiful lady from Tameem Ar Rabaab named Qataam bint As Shajinah. Both her father and her brother were killed in the battle of Nahrawaan. He was bewildered when he saw her and completely forgot about the mission that he came to fulfill and got engaged to her.

She said to him:

“I will not marry you until you alleviate my sorrow.”

He said:

“What is it that will alleviate you?”

She said:

“The murder of ‘Alee ibn Abee Taalib.”

He said:

“As far as killing ‘Alee, then I do not know why you mention him if it is me that you desire.”

She said:

“Yes [I’ll tell you why], aim for his forehead, if you are successful then you would have alleviated me as well as yourself and living with me would be pleasant. If However you are killed, then What Allaah has [in store for you] is better than this world, it’s beauty and the beauty of it’s people.”

He said:

“By Allaah, I did not come here to this land except to kill ‘Alee, so you shall have what you asked for.”

Ibn Muljim them approached a man from Ashja’ called Shabeeb ibn Najrah and said to him:

“Do you want to obtain honor in the life of this world and the next?”

He [Shabeeb] said:

“And what Honor is that?”

He replied:

“Murdering ‘Alee ibn Abee Taalib.”

He said:

“Thakalatkah Umuk![3] Indeed you have come with a terrible affair! How are you possibly going to have the capability [to kill] ‘Alee?”

Ibn Muljim replied:

“We lurk in ambush, waiting for him to leave for the morning prayer (Fajr), then we both attack him together and kill him. If we are successful then we would have alleviated ourselves as well as have taken revenge, if we are killed then what Allaah has is better than the world and everything that is in it.”

Likewise are the Khawaarij in our times with their suicide bombings, how similar the present is to the past.

“Shabeeb said:

“Woe unto you, if it was anyone other than ‘Alee it would be easier upon me. I have come to know of his courage and bravery in Islaam and his precedence with the Prophet (صلى الله عليه و سلم). I don’t find myself feelling comfortable/good about killing him.”

Ibn Muljim said:

“Do you not know that he killed the people of Nahrawaan, the pious worshipers [of Allaah], Allaahu Akbar, what kind of Shubhah (misconception) is this?”

Shabeeb replied:


So he said:

“So let us kill him because of those he killed from our brothers.”

And so Shabeeb agreed.

They approached Qataam while she was performing ‘Itikaaf in a big Masjid and said to her:

“We have both agreed to murder ‘Alee.”

Theses are the Khawaarij, they worship [Allaah] without knowledge or guidance, rather they are a people of desires.

“They took their swords and waited in ambush outside the door that ‘Alee exits from. When he came out Shabeeb attacked him with his sword but it struck a part of the door or the window. Ibn Muljim – The Shaqee (the miserable one) – also struck him with his sword, on his forehead.” End of quote

And so ‘Alee (رضي الله عنه) passed away two days latter due to the strike. His killer is ‘Abdur Rahmaan ibn ‘Amru ibn Muljim Al Maraadee….

The Khawaarij do not regret their horrible actions, rather they show off and take pride in them, they believe that they are a means of getting close to Allaah.

To be continued…

The Most Evil of Foes on the Face of the Earth
The Dogs of the Hell Fire – 2

The Khawaarij Pursue Mu’aawiyah ibn Abee Sufyaan and ‘Amr ibn Al ‘Aass and the Murder of ‘Uthmaan (رضي الله عنه) at the hands of the Khawaarij

[1] On the authority of Abee Awfee (رضي الله عنه) that he said: The Messenger of Allaah (صلى الله عليه و سلم) said:

“The Khawaarij are the dogs of the Hellfire.” [Ibnu Majah: 173 / Ahmad: 4/355 and declared Hasan by Al Albaanee.]

On the authority of Abu Umaamah that he said:

“The most evil of people to be slayed beneath the sky/on the face of the earth, and those whom they slay are the best of people, the dogs of the hellfire. They used to be Muslims and became kufaar.”

I said:

“O Abu Umaamah! How can you say such a thing?”

He said:

“Rather I heard it from the Messenger of Allaah (صلى الله عليه و سلم) .” [Ibnu Maajah: 176. Declared as Hasan by Al Albaanee.

[2]The Khawaarij that ‘Alee (رضي الله عنه) fought in the battle of Nahrawaan.

[3] [An Arabic phrase in rebuttal basically meaning what a terrible thing it is you have said or did] Literally means: Your mother has lost you. The Most Evil of Foes on the Face of the Earth

The Dogs of the Hell Fire – 2

The Khawaarij Pursue Mu’aawiyah and ‘Amr ibn Al ‘Aass (رضي الله عنهما)

…Such was the affair of Ibnu Muljim and ‘Alee (رضي الله عنه)

As for Ibnu Muljim’s companion, Al Baraak ibn ‘Abdullaah who took an oath with him to murder Mu’aawiyah, he waited for Mu’aawiyah on the same night that ‘Alee (رضي الله عنه) was attacked. When Mu’aawiyah came out to pray he attacked him with his sword but struck him on his rear pelvic area. So Mu’aawiyah escaped death and ordered that Al Baraak ibn ‘Abdullaah be killed, and so it was.

As for the third, ‘Amr ibn Bakr, he waited for ‘Amr ibn al ‘Aass on the same night as well. ‘Amr ibn al ‘Aass did not come out due to having stomach pains. He ordered Khaarijah ibn Hudhayfah to lead the prayer; he was one of his officers, a man from Banee ‘Aamir ibn Lu-ay. He came out to pray and ‘Amr ibn Bakr attacked and killed him believing he was ‘Amr ibn al ‘Aass. The people then subdued him and took him to ‘Amr ibn al ‘Aass greeting him as one would greet a commander.

‘Amr ibn Bakr said:

“Who is this?”

They replied:

“’Amr ibn al ‘Aass.”

He said:

“Then who did I kill?”

They said:

“Kharijah ibn Hudhayfah.”

He said:

“By Allaah O Faasiq (sinful one – meaning ‘Amr ibn al ‘Aass), I didn’t think it was anyone other than you.”

‘Amr ibn al ‘Aass said:

“It was me whom you intended but Allaah chose it to be Khaarijah.”

‘Amr then approached and killed him… [Taareekh At Tabaree: 3/159]

Such are the Khawaarij, they ravage upon the earth causing mischief, rendering the blood of Muslims permissible with their mere desires and intellect…

They also murdered ‘Uthmaan ibn ‘Afaan (رضي الله عنه), Dhul Nooreyn, the Messenger of Allaah’s (صلى الله عليه وسلم) son in law, one of the foremost, the racers [in performing good deeds], the third of the Khulafaa-Ar Rashidoon, one of the ten who were given the tidings of being in Jannah, A man whom the angels are shy of;

Muslim and Ibnu Habbaan narrated the Hadeeth of ‘Aa-isha (رضي الله عنها) that the Messenger of Allaah (صلى الله عليه وسلم) said:

“Should I not be shy from a man whom the angels are shy of.”

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