Informing the authorities

Question 1
Is it permissible to inform the disbelieving authorities about another Muslim who is deviant in his methodology and understanding of Islam since that person will cause harm to the Muslim society and the society at large?
In times of trials like this in which we are in, If a Muslim is asked about the condition of another Muslim, that Muslim who he’s being asked about is upon a way or methodology that is different from what Islam came with like killings and attacking without just cause then it upon that person who is asked to say that which he knows about those people. He should say the truth openly. Because in that there is a prevention of these types of attacks and killings that take place which oppose the way of Islam. At the same time by doing such, the person being asked removes doubts from himself in the minds of those people. Such that if he had hidden anything they would have considered him to also to be a terrorist in the same way. The actions of the Khawaarij or killing people without cause and just reason or destroying companies and buildings, this has nothing to do with Islam in the slightest. As for the proof that some people use by saying that whoever transgresses against you then you transgress against them similarly, this is with regard to two people similar in status rather your Lord says “And if you forgive then this is closer to piety.” And He also says “And if he forgives then his reward is with Allaah.” On top of that we all see the results of these types of attacks and these types of unjustified killings and the way that it has brought harm to the Muslims. Maybe even bad thoughts and misunderstanding about Islam in itself.

Sheikh Muhammad al Banna on terrorists

(Shaykh Muhammad al Banna is from the Senior Scholars of Saudi Arabia. He resides in Jeddah & Makkah. He is around 92 years old)

This sitting was on Sunday night 17th Shawal 1422, 30th December 2001 in his house.