Sleeper Cells

  What’s Islaam’s perspective of terrorist cells like “sleeper cells” and others?
  Saudi Arabia’s Permanent Council of Senior Scholars: “It’s absolutely forbidden to remain silent about any information of danger that’s being cultivated against public safety and security…Anyone who claims these destructive crimes (terrorism, bombings, etc.) and the reasons for bombings and killings are forms of Jihaad, then such a person is totally ignorant and completely astray. They have nothing at all to do with Jihaad…Second, after clarifying the previous point, the Permanent Council supports and commends what the country (Saudi Arabia), may Allaah honor it with Islaam, has begun doing of pursuing and persecuting this group, exposing them, protecting the land and servants from their evil, and thus repelling such tribulations from entering the homes of Muslims and safeguarding their children. It’s an obligation on everyone to collectively cooperate to eradicate this dangerous problem because doing so is a form of cooperating in righteousness and piety which Allaah commands in His statement, ‘Cooperate with one another in righteousnous and piety, but do not help one another in sin and transgression. And fear Allaah.’ [Soorah Al-Maaidah, 5:2]

The Permanent Council also warns everyone from concealing or protecting these people, harboring or accommodating them. Doing so is a major sin…”


1. Taken from The fifty-ninth meeting of The Permanent Council of the Senior Scholars of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia convened in the city of Taif beginning on 6/11/1424 Hijrah (corresponding to August 10, 2003).