Answers to atheists

When addressing the issue of atheism, other prominent Islamic scholars responded in a similar fashion:

When Al Shaafi’ee was asked about the presence of a creator he responded:

“The leaf of a grape vine, worms eat it and produce the finest silk , bees eat it and produce honey, lizards eat it and produce musk, sheep and cattle eat it and produce manure, all this and it is only one thing with one taste.”

There are different narrations of how Abu Haneefah tackled the issue, in one such narration he was asked to participate in a debate with some atheists. On the appointed date and time of the debate, the atheists arrived along with a great number of people attending the debate. Abu Haneefah was nowhere to be seen, they waited and waited and eventually one of the atheists announced, to the cheers of the atheists, that atheism was victorious as Abu Haneefah did not show out of fear of being defeated. Just then Abu Haneefah shows up and upon being asked why he was late he responded.

“I missed the ferry crossing the river, so while I was waiting for the next one, branches of trees started coming together all of a sudden, along with ropes, nails and other materials. I watched as they came together to form a fully functional ship. I boarded it and it took me, all on its own, to the other side. It then went on a trip across the oceans to trade some of its goods all on its own.”

Upon hearing this, the atheists said:

“This man is mad, no one can say such a thing except a mad man, a ship made itself!”

Abu Haneefah responded:

“The heavens and earth and the countless creatures within them that are in need of direction, all this without a maker!”

Their argument was destroyed, they returned to the truth and embraced Islam.

An old Bedouin woman was asked about evidence for her Lord so she responded:

“Glorified is Allah, foot prints in the sand prove the presence of a traveler, a new born calf proves the presence of a cow. A sky full of stars, an earth full of mountains and valleys, oceans with great waves, do they not prove the existence of the Most Gracious, the All Knowledgeable?”

As mentioned earlier, God is greater and more Exalted than to be in need of evidence to prove His existence, and no one denies His presence except out of arrogance as Allah stated:

{And they denied them (those signs) wrongfully and arrogantly, though their own selves were convinced thereof… }
[Quran: 27:14]

This is why when the enemies of the messengers arrogantly said to the messengers who were sent to them:

{To them came their Messengers with clear proofs, but they put their hands in their mouths (biting them from anger) and said: “Verily, we disbelieve in what you have been sent with, and we are really in grave doubt as to what you invite us to (i.e. Islamic Monotheism).”}
[Quran: 14:9]

The response of their Messengers was:

{Their Messengers said: ” Can there be any doubt about Allah, the Creator of the heavens and the earth? He calls you (to Monotheism and to be obedient to Allah) that He may forgive you of your sins and give you respite for a term appointed.”}
[Quran: 14:10]

Is there any doubt of the presence of Allah (God) the Elevated? Indeed mankind’s natural disposition is a witness of the presence of Allah their Creator, any sound being would admit this. However, others may have some doubt, mostly due to arrogance and mockery, and this is why they need the evidence established upon them as an excuse for them, and this is why their Messengers responded to them in a manner that would direct them to the method of knowing their creator:

{…the Creator of the heavens and the earth …}
[Quran: 14:10]

The One who created them without any prior example, the presence of the creation is apparent and therefore there must be One who created them, and He is Allah whom there is no deity other than him, Who created everything, who is their God and Owner.

This being the case, can there be any doubt that He is the only One worthy of worship in truth?

{Can there be any doubt about Allah, the Creator of the heavens and the earth?}
[Quran: 14:10]

Meaning can there be any doubt in his Lordship and the obligation of singling Him out in worship, worshiping none other than Him? Since He is the creator of the heavens and earth and all that is within them, therefore He is the only One that is to be worshiped. He created everything without partners, so all worship is to be devoted and directed to Him associating no partners with Him in that. This is the message of the religion of Islam that all the Messengers were sent with.

Most nations of the past admitted to the presence of the One and Only Creator, however, they practiced polytheism by directing worship to others as intermediates to their Creator. There were few that denied the creator, and their arguments were easily debunked by the messengers, examples of them are Pharaoh and Nimrood…


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  1. Just for the record, these stories and arguments are filled with logical fallacies, and so I can’t take them seriously.

    Why would atheism be victorious simply because a muslim debater wasn’t able to make it on time? That makes no sense.

    Please, look up what the term “poisoning the well” means, because it’s used throughout the text.

    With all due respect, the above appears to be written by someone who has never even met an atheist, much less talked with one, and certainly much less *listened* to one.

    In short… not only is this not persuasive, but it’s *dispersuasive*.

  2. Hello

    The point the scholar made clear to those who reject the Creator by narrating an incident that did not happen to to show them that how fallacious and how ignorant and what an insult human intellect is to say that something got created from nothing. Thats the purpose of presenting the incident. The scholars of Islam has discussed and debated its known in the history of Islam. For an example Pharoah who didnt just deny the existence of Creator but rather he said to his people that he himself is a creator.

    Shortly i will post about that inshallah, God Willing

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