Destroying the arguments of Khawarij,Takfeerees (Terrorists)

All praise and thanks are for Allaah. May prayers and peace be on the Messenger of Allaah, his family, and companions.

Has not the trials of misguided people have fallen upon the Islam and muslims. How many times we read and hear the ignorant people in media, authorities, various groups attack the muslims as extremists and fanatics. When in fact Islam forbids and condemns anything which is extreme. However some ignorant youth who are been misguided by the takfeerees group and khwarij trap this impressionable ignorant youth to commit crimes against muslims as well as nonmuslims, in muslim lands as well as nonmuslim lands. This phenomenon of bombing. insurgencies, killing women, children, and old and destroying wealth and property of people. They attribute these actions to Islam. When in fact Islam is free of them and they are free of Islam

Below is a book which indeed explains and warns against evil consequence for those who indulge and encourage these evil actions. An eye opener to those whosoever are suffering from the disease of bombing and killing innocent creation of Allah. A crystal clear explaination for a muslim and a nonmuslim regarding Islamic standpoint about terrorism and terrorists. An advice to people to repent to Allah and return back to the path of Salaf us salaiheen. A guide to inform the muslims to protect their families from the disease of takfeer and khwarij. May Allaah guide us all. Ameen.

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Warning Against Extremism, Bombing, Takfeer

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