Should the Salafees Cooperate in the Capturing of Takfeerists?

Pulling the Carpet from Under the Feet of the Takfeerist Cells that Exist in the West

The Muftee of the Jeezan Province of Saudi Arabia, Shaykh Ahmad an-Najmee


Firstly, I love you for the sake of Allah and I ask Allah to preserve you just as He preserves all of His righteous servants. Here (in France), the French Government is appealing to the Salafis for their cooperation in capturing the Takfeerists[1]. In all actuality they are requesting that we work alongside them to catch these individuals. Is this something that the religion of Islam deems permissible or not -may Allah bless you?


Truthfully, the Takfeerists are considered to be enemies of Islam and enemies of the Muslims as they are responsible for actions that have harmed the Muslims. It is ok for (the Muslims) to point the (authorities) in their direction and to clarify what they are upon if they are certain about these people.[2]