Islamic Condemnation of Terrorism, Hijackers, Suicide Bombers


This is a very concise book which outlines the Islamic Rulings regarding the acts of terrorism. This book should be very beneficial to those who want to know what has Islam said about the evils of terrorism. You may be a journalist, a common man, a scientist, a psychologist, a forensic expert, intelligence expert, a politician, an army man, a muslim or a nonmuslim whoever you may be the Religion of God has condemned and forbidden any act of  violence which is done unjustly. I hope that you would distribute the message of Islam and show to the people that all those who carry out and attribute these acts and those who agree with them that these acts are originated from Islamic teachings are in plane error.


Islamic Condemnation of Terrorism Click to download

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  1. well said bro, much more should be said about it, as people do usually take all muslims as terrorist, eager of blood and determinated to take over of the world!

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