Abd al-Muḥsin Āli-‘Ubaykān on Harming Muslim Security & Police Officers

Question: A verdict is spreading among the youth that permits killing security and police officers and that they’re considered apostates from Islam. We hope from your eminence the clarification and legitimate ruling of this and the dangerous effects such a criminal act upon this land and its security.

Answer: All praise is for Allaah, the Lord of all creations and may prayers and peace be upon Allāh’s Messenger. Such a religious verdict has no basis to it and couldn’t have come from any real student of knowledge, let alone a scholar who understands the fundamentals of Islam. Security officers and police officers are Muslims. They assist the government in establishing safety in the land and in arresting criminals. So, it is incumbent for all Muslims to cooperate with them, assist and support them, not kill them. As for someone who says it is permissible to kill them, such a person understands nothing of Islam except its name. Allāh knows best, and we seek refuge with him.


This fatwá was taken from a book called “Al-Fatāwā Ash-Shar’iyyah fī Al-Qadhāyā Al-‘Asriyyah,”

a collection of various rulings by Muhammad Ibn Fahd Al-Husayn.

Taken from a private sitting in the house of Shaykh ‘Abd al-Muḥsin Āli-‘Ubaykān. It was recorded

by Muhammad al-Ḥuṣayn


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