Christian volunteers who distribute gifts to the muslim during the kuffar holidays

Summary: Christian volunteers who distribute gifts to he muslim during the kuffar holidays   The prisoners in the United States, they have Christians and volunteers who come into the prison who distribute gifts at Christmas time, clothing, gift, sweet and things like that. And they come to your door and they shake your hand, they greet you and they distribute these things. What is the ruling on taking these things and greeting them on that day?
Answered by: Shaykh Wasee ullah Abbaas
The Shaykh says :First regarding the greeting. Its not permissible for us to greet them specifically on Christmas nor for us to accept for them to greet us on what is believed to be the birthday of the Prophet, Sallahu Alayhis Salaam, because neither one of them are legislated occasions. So he said from that standpoint. Another matter is that the food and drink, if its in the >name of Esaa (Jesus) presented for the sake of Jesus or slaughtered for the sake of Jesus or given in the name of Jesus and like that, then it should be rejected. Because then its given with connection with their belief and like this, so it should be rejected. But if what is given, clothing, food or whatever and its none of that connected with it, but from happiness and the like and they give it to them on this occasion then we accept it, from this standpoint of accepting gifts. The Prophet, Sallahu Alayhis Salaam, accepted gift from Yahud (Jews) and he ate their food and so on and so forth. So there is nothing wrong with us accepting their gifts when there is nothing connected to their beliefs or done in the name of Jesus and this is not connected it to, there is nothing wrong with that.  

Statement: Daâwud brought the point that there are some verses in the Bible and the like, they present these gifts and spread it due to the belief of the coming of the birth of an Ilaa (god) and its based upon disbelief that they do it.

The Shaykh responded to that by saying that this doesn’t really matter. This is not relative to the issue unless he said its something that’s known to be in the name of Jesus or they cook something and say this is going to be a charity in the name of Jesus to the Muslims then it becomes a problem. But other then that, if its not something particular then its acceptable. What is not acceptable, for instance, is for us to go into a particular place and for them to be singing gospel songs or something and for us to sit and to listen to that type of foolishness and like this. For this is the instance we’re involved in some type of celebration. But other then that. If it is a general gift based on a happy occasion with none of these matters attached to it, then its perfectly acceptable for us to take it.