Bearing True Witness (A Must Read Book for New Muslims)

Bismillaahir ar-Rahmaanir ar-Raheem

This present book is the last in a series of four. The first book in this series, The Eighth Scroll, is a work of historical fiction—an action/adventure novel designed to thrill the audience, and at the same time ease them into the subject of comparative religion. The second book in this series, The First and Final Commandment (Amana publications), has been rewritten and divided into two volumes, MisGod’ed and God’ed. With publication of these two volumes—now books numbered two and three in this series—The First and Final Commandment becomes redundant, and will be removed from the market. MisGod’ed provides a roadmap of guidance and misguidance in the Abrahamic religions, and presents the continuity of revelation from Judaism to Christianity, and then to Islam. God’ed picks up where MisGod’ed leaves off, and argues the case for Islam as the completion of revelation. For now, Bearing True Witness completes this series by providing practical guidance to those who embrace the Islamic religion. However, a fifth book is in the planning stage, in which I intend to address the many disingenuous criticisms and blatant slanders leveled against Muslims and the Islamic religion. In this book, I plan to discuss polygamy, slavery, racism, the female headscarf, oppression of women, terrorism, “fundamentalism,” and idolatry, among other topics. The order of this series of books, then, is to introduce the fictionreading audience to a serious investigation of religious evidence (The Eighth Scroll), to analyze that body of evidence (MisGod’ed), to argue the case for Islam as the final revelation and fulfillment of predictions of the Jewish and Christian scriptures (God’ed), to suggest the manner in which the Islamic religion should be practically applied (Bearing True Witness), and to provide the confirmed Muslim with defense against the most common slanders against Islam (in the planned fifth book in this series). Regarding the present work, Muslims frequently observe that converts to the Islamic religion progress through several stages of ideological, spiritual, and psychological growth before achieving a semblance of religious maturity. The period of maturation varies from one individual to another, as does the end result. Some Muslims have shown remarkable religious maturity as children. Others experience dramatic reversal of ideology late in life. The renunciation of extreme Sufism by the famous eleventh century (CE) Imam AlGhazali (full name: Abu Haamid Muhammad AlGhazali) in later life, and the refutation of his errors in aqeeda by the tenth century (CE) AlAsh’aree (full name: Abu AlHasan ‘Ali ibn Ismaa’eel alAsh’aree, to whom the Ash’aree aqeeda is attributed), also late in his days, serve as prominent examples. In more recent history, Malcolm X’s transition from the racist and ideologically condemned political cult known as the Nation of Islam to orthodox (Sunni) Islam is perhaps the best known example.

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Bearing True Witness (A Must Read Book for New Muslims)