The Four Levels of Striving against Oneself

The Four Levels of Striving against Oneself

Topic: Da’wah

The First: That a person strives against it by gaining knowledge and following guidance and Allah’s religion, the religion with which a soul has no victory without, nor contentment in the life of this world or the next. If the knowledge of the religion bypasses it, it would be miserable in both the life of this world and the next.

The Second: To strive against it by acting upon knowledge after gaining it. Otherwise, mere knowledge without acting upon it – if it doesn’t harm, it has no benefit.

The Third: To strive against it by calling to knowledge and teaching it to those who do not know it. Otherwise a person would be amongst those who conceal the guidance Allah has revealed, and his knowledge would not benefit him, nor would it save him from Allah’s torment.

The Fourth: That one strives against it in being patient upon the difficulties of giving Da’wah to Allah and the harm directed towards him by the creation, and be patient with all of this for Allah.

If a person completes these four stages, he would be from the Rabaaniyoon, for indeed the Salaf are agreed that a scholar does not deserve to be called Rabaanee until he knows the truth, acts upon it and teaches it. For whoever gains knowledge, acts upon it and teaches it, then this is something great in the realm of the heavens.