What is the best book in Aqeedah?

The Book of Allah (The Quraan), is the best book in Aqeedah and most expansive also. Look at the replies to the Jews and the Christians, in how many verses?, Many verses, and It replies to the atheists, the polytheists and the hypocrites, and it replies to the people of desires, and the people of innovation, and it clarifies the condition of the people of sins, and the liars, and the treacherous, and the cunning. How can those that write about Aqeedah except that they take from the Quraan and the Hadiths, So it is the most expansive book in the correct Aqeedah, and it clarifies the conditions surrounding the false Aqeedah. The Book of Allah …

((And this is a blessed Book that we have sent down)) “[Anam, 155]