The Reason Why Sheikh Waseeallah Abbas Warned Against Abu Khadeejah, Salafi Publications and Their Followers

The Reason Why Sheikh Waseeallah Abbas Warned Against Abu Khadeejah, Salafi Publications and Their Followers

Part One

Sheikh Waseeallah Abbas Said:

In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful. May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon the most virtuous of His creation, Muhammad and upon his family and companions.

In relation to what was said regarding my comment about Abu Khadeejah- that he has made it his sole objective to criticize the Jamee’yah and other salafis and his (i.e. Abu Khadeejah) comment that I am in a most worried state because now it is binding upon me to correct what I said…

My reply to this is; No, it is not. And I reiterate to this individual (i.e. Abu Khadeejah) and anyone with him. I reiterate it on this day, the 17th of Jammada Akhira in the year 1432H. That these individuals have no important objective other than to disparage salafis due to some mistakes they have made. The Prophet (Sallahu alaihi wa salam) said:

“All of the children of Adam make mistakes and the best of those who make mistakes are those who repent.” {collected Sunan At Tirmithi}

There are some issues that I sat with them personally about and not as Abu Khadeejah presumed that they were narrated to me! And Abu Khadeejah called me an oppressor and a liar! I say that Abu Khadeejah has actually lied upon me by saying that some forged lies were narrated to me about them. I sat with Abu Khadeejah for many hours, and the whole conversation is recorded. I asked him about the reasons for which he warns against the salafis in Britain and other individuals who have made some mistakes.

I discussed all these things with him and I never once found a legitimate justification from him. I have never ceased, since then, and I will reiterate here and now, these individuals (i.e. Abu Khadeejah and his followers) are not true students of knowledge and it is not known that they have studied any adequate amount of knowledge! What they actually do is sit in a few gatherings of the scholars and deem themselves, because of it, deserving to spread the statements of our scholars, may Allah preserve them and have mercy on those from amongst them who have since deceased.




The fact of the matter is that it is not permissible for them to give religious verdicts (i.e. fatawa) from themselves, as I emphasized this to them. These individuals (i.e. Abu Khadeejah and his followers) are ignorant and there is absolutely no doubt about it. Their sole objective is to vilify salafis. They blindly follow the statements of some scholars whom they narrate the mistakes of others to, statements of scholars that imply the misguidance of an individual, his ignorance or innovation. If these individuals made a mistake, then say it is a mistake; however it is not permissible for us to abandon an individual because of one mistake he has made.


The reality of it is that if you are in the habit of pointing out the mistakes of others, then, in turn, others will point out your mistakes. This is what I have to say while Abu Khadeejah says that it is incumbent upon me to correct my statement. But I emphasize it and have never ceased saying it, even up to right now I say it with complete certainty in addition to other things related to this issue, indeed these individuals used to publish salafi books. They used to translate the works of scholars such as Ibn Baz and Ibn Uthaymeen and others. I advised them during that time and told them that this was a noble deed they were doing and that they should stick to publishing books only and not to look to the left or the right.


But to no avail, they have never ceased, since they began to give da’wah, to spread their evil, even in countries other than Britain. So now, I’m in a worried state (as Abu Khadeejah so disrespectfully put it), when I personally advised them, on more than one occasion, and asked Allah to guide them and that if they found a mistake with one of their salafi brothers, that they would come to a mutual understanding between themselves and not that they would resort to warning against them or warning against praying with them or attending their Masjid. This is a major crime from them against the pristine religion of salafiyah.”