Abu Khadija Exposed!!!!!!

All praise is for Allah, The Mighty and Majestic. May the peace and blessings of Allah
be upon His slave and final Messenger, Muhammad Ibn Abdullah, and upon his family
and companions.
Shaykh Waseeallah Exposes the Pathetic Pattern of Behavior that
Abu Khadeejah, SP and their Followers
Continuously Resort To… It’s Time to Wake Up!!!
Part Two
Sheikh Waseeallah Abbas stated:
“The evidences Abu Khadeejah and SP mentioned to me, in reality, a lot
of time has passed since then, and I won’t mention everything, but from the key
evidences they brought against the Jamee’yah (i.e. Green Lane Masjid), as far as I can
remember is: {Please Pay Attention!}The First: I asked Abu Khadeejah, why are you all in opposition to the brothers at
Jamee’yah? So Abu Khadeejah Abdul Wahid responded with nothing other than the fact
that Abdul Hady goes and participates in discussions with individuals who are Shiites
and sits with them as well as others outside the Salafi Minhaj.
So I said to him: This is the responsibility and obligation (i.e. wajib), amongst the many
obligations upon the shoulders of the Salafis- to sit with everyone and debate with them
in ways which they will ultimately arrive at the truth. And it is nothing but Abu
Khadeejah’s complete ignorance of this honorable deed that causes him to criticize,
disparage and condemn them. This is so amazing!The Second: And from the claims of Abu Khadeejah and the brothers at Salafi
Publications is that brother Nathir went to Iran. Subhanallah! O Abu Khadeejah! The
Prophet (Sallahu alaihi wa salam) used to go out to the disbelievers (i.e. Kuffar) and to
the Marketplace of Ukaz and other places where the disbelievers would congregate to
call them to Islam! This is especially true of someone who possesses solidity in their
religion and Aqeedah (i.e. Islamic Creed), and for you to prevent them from doing so, is
an indication of the deficiency in your own intellect and the fact that Muslims don’t
know how to call to their religion with wisdom and excellent exhortation.
Yes. If Nathir went to, for example, Qatar, or any other place and began to call to what
the people of Iran call to, then in this case, yes, we would say that he has deviated. But
this brother Nathir is responsible for his country and he is from the people of hadeeth
and we hope that Allah will keep his heart pure and protect him from anything
happening to him. If he is mistaken in anything, then he has erred, but we do not
remove him from being from the people of hadeeth unless he brings something that
nullifies the religion.

O Abu Khadeejah! You did not mention anything other than a mere cry of your own
while you painted to me a picture of Abdul Hady and brother Nathir with these trivial
issues. I did not find anything, based upon what you presented, except that these things
are actually from the responsibilities and obligations which they have obviously
shouldered, and are not from the things that they should be criticized for.

The Third: Also from the things Abu Khadeejah mentioned is that the brothers
from Jamee’yah tul Ahlul Hadeeth, Green Lane Masjid in Britain receive financial
assistance from Jamee’yah Ihya Wat Turaath Al Islamiyah. So I said: You know yourself
Abu Khadeejah, that I know with certainty, and if I’m lying then you can say that I
am a liar, that you, yourself take financial assistance from Tony Blair! You take
government assistance and you live off of it! So how could you deem it impermissible
for them to take financial assistance from Muslims who are praised with nothing but
good and do not call to anything other than Salafiyah, while you receive the same
assistance from disbelievers?!
So you, O Abu Khadeejah, are a blind follower, in this matter, of those who say taking
financial assistance from these brothers is not permissible. I say that it is permissible for
them to do so, and even so from the disbelievers (i.e. Kuffar), so as long as it does not
affect the solidity of your call to what is correct. This is what I say and I will not alter
my Minhaj (i.e. methodology) in this matter.
So Abu Khadeejah due to your ignorance of this matter, you mentioned these
oppositions and in reality they are merely opposition, I haven’t found anything solid or
concrete even up until today. If you have something legitimate, then bring it to me!”
The Pathetic Pattern … Watch this… Shaykh Waseeallah said:
“I went to see Shaykh Ubayd Al Jabbiree, may Allah preserve him and protect him from
any evil or harm. I went to him for this reason and I requested from a sitting to which
he replied that it should be after Salat ul Asr. So I sat with Shaykh Ubayd after Asr and
I said to him that I want you to mention to me the things that reached you concerning
the brothers at Green Lane Masjid (from Abu Khadeejah and SP). This
was so that I could advise them, however, I don’t want to abandon them, but I want to
advise them, and if they refuse the advice, I will, in fact, abandon them.
So Shaykh Ubayd said: “I have another engagement right now, and the observations that
have been made (by the Abu Khadeejah and SP) will be sent to you
insha Allah.” Shaykh Waseeallah said: “When these observations finally reached me, I
realized that it was the same picture that you, Abu Khadeejah, depicted to me that
Abdul Hady sat with the Shiites and other than them in a discussion in Britain and
brother Nathir did such and such. The same things that I had already debated with
them about previously, and the recording of this conversation between us is available
and anyone of you can listen to it and judge for yourselves!

Have I refused to accept anything that is sensible? If someone errs, we say he made a
mistake, no doubt it. But if someone thinks it’s a mistake, but in reality, it is not a
mistake, to the general masses of intellectuals, then it is not permissible for you to say
it is a mistake and then to be insistent upon this presumption, for in this case, you are
the one who is actually mistaken.”
Translator’s Note: This is not a defense of any of the brothers who were cited
herein. Rather this is to give the reader an inside look at how these brothers
traditionally present a distorted view of an individual to the scholars, and Allah knows
best what their intentions are, and then when the scholar doesn’t respond to them in a
manner consistent with their desires and agenda,, they move on to the next scholar
until they finally get the verdict they wish for. This type of behavior has been going on
in some communities for years and the honor and dignity of many have been tarnished
completely or destroyed as a result of it…
“Indeed those who harm the believing men and believing women without any
just reason have indeed brought upon themselves slander and gross sin.” {33:58}
Allah also says:
“When you received it with your tongues and spoke with your mouths what
you had no knowledge of, and you deemed it to be a simple matter while with
Allah it was grievous.” {24:15}
To Be Continued…