Clarifying The Errors in the Minhaj of Salafipublications (Update 1.1)

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Allhumdulilah, this post in the blog will be periodically updated. The purpose of this post is to collect in one place the glaring errors of Salafi Publications and its associates. Almost nearing two decades, it has been noticed that Salafipublications, as an organization and the individuals running it, has been working very hard to monopolize and control Dawathus Salafiyah and have always claimed to be upon the truth. On the contrary, the reality is against them. They have been numerous times refuted and the false principles that the bring about to judge people and affairs to outcast from the fold of salafiyah has been refuted by the Kibar ulamah, allhumdulilah. Here below is the list of links demonstrating the glaring errors and deception of Salafipublications and its followers.

Very recently, a full fledge attack against website was launched by Salafipublications and in defense of it Shaykh Khalid Radaadee spoke and defended the website and its activites.

Shaykh Khaalid ar-Raddaadee Addresses Some of the Malicious Allegations Levied Against Madeenah.Com

The Noble Shaykh (hafidhahullah), amongst other things, clarifies some issues regarding brother abu Usaamah (hafidhahullah) and delivers some much needed naseehah.

Taken from a recorded lecture by Shaykh Waseeullaah ‘Abbaas (17th December 2005) and asked by the brother Abu Muhammad al-Maghribee



Madeenah.Com Responds to the Unfounded Accusations by Salafi Publications Responds to the Unfounded Accusations – 1 Responds to the Unfounded Accusations – 2 Responds to the Unfounded Accusations – 3 Responds to the Unfounded Accusations – 4

A Series of Refutations of the Doubts of Amjad Rafeeq

1’A Clarification of the book ‘Foundations of The Sunnah…afeeq&eman.pdf
A Timely Response to the Shenanigans of Amjad Rafiq of Spubs (may Allah guide them)
A Refutation on Amjad Rafeeq…mjadrafeeq.pdf
A Gift of Guidance to Abu Iyaad regarding the Issues of Eeeman
Another Response to the Feeble Doubts of Amjad Rafeeq
A Second gift for the one who opposed the clear Usool
A Rational Reply to the False Claims of Amjad
Has Spubs been Attacked or Advised?1

A Series of Refutations on Spubs

1: Unveiling the Deception behind “In Defense of the Scholars”, is a 40+ page work by the honorable brother, Abee Ibrahim Abdillah ibn Mohan Al-Hindi.

To Download:

2: Refutation on the response of SPUBS, addresses the points made by SPUBS in an email sent on October 18, 2010.

To Download:

3: The Victory of the lord of the Creation in Clarifying SPUBS’ Deviation, is a 60+ page work by the honorable brother, Abee Ibrahim Abdillah bin Mohan Al-Hindi which continues to shed light on the affair of the SPUBS group .

Read and Approved by: Our honourable Shaikh, The Allamaah, The Muhaddith of Yemen, Abee Abdir-Rahman Yahya bin A’lee Al-Hajooree (may Allah protect him).

To Download:

4:Relative talk about what was posted on Salafitalk.

To Download :

5:In Defense of the Trustworthy Advisor from the Injustices and Scorn of The Ones Put to Trials in the Religion: A Response to Abdul Ghanee ibn Goodchild al- Guyaanee.

To Download:

6:A Clarification of the deceptions of Salafipublications.

To Download:…8&d=1343762517

7:Knowledge Based Refutation of Abdullah Al-Gambi

To Download: :

8:Musa Millington’s Advice to Salafi Publications (SPUBS)

To Download:

9:Returning a reply to the doubts of Abu Khadeejah and clarifying the reality of the Maktabah’s bayaan –

To Download: … deejah.pdf

10:An Accurate Answer to the Question of SPUBS: Why is Maktabah Asl-Salafiyyah Refuted by Ash-Shaykh Yahyaa and others?

To Download: … answer.pdf

To read the statements of the Mashaayikh regarding Spubs click the thread below: