Ash shaykh Taahir Wyatt making history Allhumdulilah

As salaamu alaykum warahamatullah wabarakaatuhu,

Today April 20th, 2013…was the first class give by our noble brother Abu Abdur Razzaq Tahir Wyatt (may Allah preserve him) in the Prophets Masjid in Madinah Saudi Arabia. The topic was regarding the importance of seeking knowledge and being steadfast upon it. The classes will be held on Saturdays, Mondays, and Wednesdays between magrib and isha’a. The book of study will be “40 hadith” of imam nawawi, with selections from ibn rajab’s book “jaami uloom hikm”


Attached to the email is the link of the video to the lecture that was given today….we will try our best to send out the weekly lectures, by Allahs permission

May Allah bless the brother Tahir, protect him and place his feet firm upon that which Allah is pleased with….Aameen

Source: As received from the mailing