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A complete and comprehensive explaination of meaning of Al Qadar by Dr Salah as Salah rahimallah. Click the link below to download from the skydrive

AL Qadar

Islam’s war on Terrorism

Perpetrators of Corruption in Our Times

Abu Hakeem Bilaal Davis
In English
A Jum’ah Khutbah on the ones who perpetrate crimes such as the recent bombings in London. The full digital CD recording is available from Salafi Bookstore Birmingham UK.

Lecture Date: [08-Jul-05]
Added by: [spadmin] [09-Jul-05]
Source: [Masjid as-Salafi Birmingham]

Although this talk was given to condemn the london bombing but the Islam and muslims condemn any act of terrorism committed in name of equality or liberty or fighting for freedom or against hegemony. Islam forbids killing of innocent people and shedding the blood of a muslim or a nonmuslim.

Please listen to this audio and it should clarify Islamic war against terrorism.

Click to download it.

Terrorists,The Perpetrtors of Corruption in Our Times

Islam’s War on Terror


2 thoughts on “Audio

  1. Dear brothers and sisters in islam ,the deed of making Islam wellknown is very important espesially at the moment where people all over the world think that islam is the meaning of terrorisme,so i hope you will succeed in this blissful mission, and may ALLAH gide us to the straight path.

    Your brother

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