Clarifying The Errors in the Minhaj of Salafipublications (Update 1.1)

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Allhumdulilah, this post in the blog will be periodically updated. The purpose of this post is to collect in one place the glaring errors of Salafi Publications and its associates. Almost nearing two decades, it has been noticed that Salafipublications, as an organization and the individuals running it, has been working very hard to monopolize and control Dawathus Salafiyah and have always claimed to be upon the truth. On the contrary, the reality is against them. They have been numerous times refuted and the false principles that the bring about to judge people and affairs to outcast from the fold of salafiyah has been refuted by the Kibar ulamah, allhumdulilah. Here below is the list of links demonstrating the glaring errors and deception of Salafipublications and its followers.

Very recently, a full fledge attack against website was launched by Salafipublications and in defense of it Shaykh Khalid Radaadee spoke and defended the website and its activites.

Shaykh Khaalid ar-Raddaadee Addresses Some of the Malicious Allegations Levied Against Madeenah.Com

The Noble Shaykh (hafidhahullah), amongst other things, clarifies some issues regarding brother abu Usaamah (hafidhahullah) and delivers some much needed naseehah.

Taken from a recorded lecture by Shaykh Waseeullaah ‘Abbaas (17th December 2005) and asked by the brother Abu Muhammad al-Maghribee



Madeenah.Com Responds to the Unfounded Accusations by Salafi Publications Responds to the Unfounded Accusations – 1 Responds to the Unfounded Accusations – 2 Responds to the Unfounded Accusations – 3 Responds to the Unfounded Accusations – 4

A Series of Refutations of the Doubts of Amjad Rafeeq

1’A Clarification of the book ‘Foundations of The Sunnah…afeeq&eman.pdf
A Timely Response to the Shenanigans of Amjad Rafiq of Spubs (may Allah guide them)
A Refutation on Amjad Rafeeq…mjadrafeeq.pdf
A Gift of Guidance to Abu Iyaad regarding the Issues of Eeeman
Another Response to the Feeble Doubts of Amjad Rafeeq
A Second gift for the one who opposed the clear Usool
A Rational Reply to the False Claims of Amjad
Has Spubs been Attacked or Advised?1

A Series of Refutations on Spubs

1: Unveiling the Deception behind “In Defense of the Scholars”, is a 40+ page work by the honorable brother, Abee Ibrahim Abdillah ibn Mohan Al-Hindi.

To Download:

2: Refutation on the response of SPUBS, addresses the points made by SPUBS in an email sent on October 18, 2010.

To Download:

3: The Victory of the lord of the Creation in Clarifying SPUBS’ Deviation, is a 60+ page work by the honorable brother, Abee Ibrahim Abdillah bin Mohan Al-Hindi which continues to shed light on the affair of the SPUBS group .

Read and Approved by: Our honourable Shaikh, The Allamaah, The Muhaddith of Yemen, Abee Abdir-Rahman Yahya bin A’lee Al-Hajooree (may Allah protect him).

To Download:

4:Relative talk about what was posted on Salafitalk.

To Download :

5:In Defense of the Trustworthy Advisor from the Injustices and Scorn of The Ones Put to Trials in the Religion: A Response to Abdul Ghanee ibn Goodchild al- Guyaanee.

To Download:

6:A Clarification of the deceptions of Salafipublications.

To Download:…8&d=1343762517

7:Knowledge Based Refutation of Abdullah Al-Gambi

To Download: :

8:Musa Millington’s Advice to Salafi Publications (SPUBS)

To Download:

9:Returning a reply to the doubts of Abu Khadeejah and clarifying the reality of the Maktabah’s bayaan –

To Download: … deejah.pdf

10:An Accurate Answer to the Question of SPUBS: Why is Maktabah Asl-Salafiyyah Refuted by Ash-Shaykh Yahyaa and others?

To Download: … answer.pdf

To read the statements of the Mashaayikh regarding Spubs click the thread below:


Sheikh Waseeallah Abbas Warning Against Attending Lectures of Abu Khadija and Bilal Davis

Sheikh Waseeallah Abbas Comments on the “In Defense of the Salafi Minhaj”Conference In the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful. All praise is for Allah, Lord of everything that exists and may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon His slave and final Messenger, Muhammad Ibn Abdullah, and upon his family and companions. As to what proceeds. On Friday May 20, 2011 Some of the Students of Knowledge went to visit Sheikh Waseeallah Abbas at his house in the Holy City of Makkah and asked him the following question: “Noble Sheikh, the brothers from Salafi Publications have been invited to speak at an educational seminar (e.g. In Defense of the Salafi Minhaj Conference 2011) in America. Do you advise the Salafis to attend their lectures and benefit from them?” The Sheikh (Hafithahullah) Replied: “I do not advise the brothers to attend this seminar, especially if Abu Khadeejah and Bilal Davis and others are going to be from amongst the speakers there.

However, if there are others who are recognized {for their knowledge and good character} that will be speaking, they should attend. You will see that if they {Abu Khadeejah, Bilal Davis and others} are given the opportunity to address the people, they will divert them from the understanding of Salafiyah. Don’t listen to them and this is something that I have always advised against.”

Translated by Abu Azzubayr Shadeed Muhammad on the 13th of Rajab 1432H. Corresponding to June 14, 2011 in the City of Philadelphia.


Source: Received via mail from

When to Pray Istikhaara

source: silsilat ul-hudaa wa nnoor – the series of guidance and light – tape no. 206 (a), tape no. 664 (b), tape no. 426 (c)


*Question #10: (a) “What should the one making istikhaara[1] prayer say if he has two affairs on the same level and does not have an inclination toward either one, meaning 50-50?”

Shaykh al-Albaani (rahimahullaah) answers: “What I understand from your question is that he does not have anintention (to do something),[2] therefore there is no istikhaara prayer upon him.”

*Question #10: (a) “Is the istikhaara prayer legislated for one who is confused about doing something or is it legislated for one who has made up his mind to do so?”

Shaykh al-Albaani answers: “No, the istikhaara prayer does not remove confusion. Istikhaara prayer is (done) after a person has made up his mind to do something; so here, istikhaara is performed. Istikhaara prayer is not legislated for removing doubt and uncertainty regarding a matter which the Muslim has not made up his mind about.”

*Question #5: (b) “Is the du’aa (supplication) of istikhaara prayer before the tasleem or after it?”

Shaykh al-Albaani answers: “After the tasleem.

*Question #12: (c) “Is it allowed to repeat the istikhaara prayer?”

Shaykh al-Albaani answers: “It is allowed if his istikhaara prayer was not (performed in the way in which it is) legislated, and it is enough for it to be not legislated if he makes istikhaara to his Lord by (merely) his words, and not by his heart. And he himself is aware of this inattentiveness, so then he is forced to repeat (theistikhaara prayer). As for if he himself did not feel any of that, then he has innovated (if he repeats it).”

[1] istikhaara means to seek (from Allaah) that which is best regarding something 
 this is in reference to the actual wording of the hadeeth in which the Prophet (sallAllaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) said: “If one of you intends to do something, then let him pray two ra’kah, then say [the du’aa of istikhaara]“; Saheeh al-Bukhaari #6382


Please refer to the rulings of salatul istikhaara for further understanding.

Rulings of Istikhaara